About us

We help consumers

Localmint helps consumers find local store details like opening hours and locations quickly and easily from any device.

We help retailers

We help retailers attract more customers by offering them a free listing on our platform which makes it much easier for potential customers to find them, especially via mobile devices.

Why we do it?

Localmint was born out of a moment of frustration experienced by Ranga (Founder and CEO). Shortly after the birth of his first child Ranga found himself in need of a late night pharmacy in Dublin.

However, he was unable to find a service which could tell him where the nearest open pharmacy was. His response was to build a basic website that provided opening hours and location information for a few local pharmacies. Traffic to the site grew extremely quickly.

In the intervening period we have iteratively developed the site by adding a broader spectrum of stores and improving design and functionality. Today around 1 million consumers visit the site each month from the UK, Ireland, Australia and the US.


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Ranga Vadhineni


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